Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Darn Cat

So, some of you may remember that one time when I bought those escutcheons for the shower and then promptly broke one of them clean in half pushing on it like a big oaf (50 year old porcelain is fragile, who knew?). I learned a valuable lesson that day. Or so I thought.
Fast forward a few weeks and we manage to find a porcelain sconce that I like that we think might, just might, match one I saw at The Old Hardware Store on a previous trip. So we drive 45 minutes both ways to get this other one and hooray, happy day, it matches.
The next part goes something like this:
We buy it, take the two matching sconces home, sit them on the counter, go outside with the dog, hear loud crash, come inside and...

That happened.
So we were back on the hunt for two matching sconces. Which, apparently is like searching for the Holy Grail btw because everywhere we looked there would only be one, not a pair.
Well, that one at the bottom of the post I mentioned previously?
I managed to find one on Etsy that I thought might match. We ordered it, drove back to Halstead, got the other one and held our breath. When our shipment arrived we put them side by side and...

In case you're wondering, aside from when this photo was taken, they are kept in a very secure location. So secure, I'm not even going to mention just in case Maggie T. Cat likes to surf the 'net.
Can't be too careful, you know?
Luckily, we have a spare chain and all of the parts we need from that first disaster to make these match up very nicely.
We meant to do that
; )

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