Monday, January 30, 2012

Art and Escutcheons

A few things that happened around these parts since we last spoke:

In the search for a slide photo to blow up and put above the tub a la this, I found this one which I instantly fell in love with and had Conan print. It now sits on the mantle, which if you're keeping track is very far from the bathroom. Whatever. It's adorable.

We were also lucky enough to find some shower handles that ACTUALLY WORKED! I know I didn't detail this process on the blog but let's just say, thanks to some really knowledgeable young men at Hupp Hardware we found exactly what we needed and went from these:

To these:

The part we were having trouble with was the escutcheon. The vintage ones I picked up at Architectural Salvage for $5 each were too long and had no way to hold onto the wall. We replaced the original stems and still no luck. Finally, we went to Hupp Hardware and wouldn't you know, they had these perfect escutcheons for $7 each and they worked like a charm. The handles are from our basement shower so they came with the house.

Today we're going to attempt to finish hooking up the sink which should be interesting. Wish us luck!


  1. Yay! Those look MUCH better, plus reusing what's already there!

    So, the shower's done, the tub's done, the sink's getting done, tile's done. Just the toilet until fully working bathroom???

    It looks GREAT!

  2. Luck! The good kind, obviously. The bathroom is looking great :)

  3. Yeah Jennifer, these are a definite improvement! We actually have had the toilet installed for about a week now but I haven't figured out a polite way to blog about it : / JK, it's just not that interesting. And thanks for the good wishes goosefairy!


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