Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In With the Old

Took some pictures for something very special today. Eeeek! So excited! Can't wait to share!

In other news,

We now have a working
and toilet

The sink is a work in progress but hey, three out of four ain't bad. Ain't bad at all.

The toilet that was in the bathroom previously matched the sink that was in there and was just a little too...Grecian column inspired for our taste so we swapped it for the more simple, plain one downstairs. Also...

Shortly after our "Which lightbulb poll" was closed, I made the executive decision to "pull a Katherine" and change the light fixtures entirely. I know what you're thinking. "But you worked so hard to get those porcelain light fixtures in the first place! You are crazy!" But hear me out. They were a different color (almost gray) than the rest of the porcelain in the room and frankly, this room has enough gray in it already.
I said it.

So we looked and looked for something but they were all "too chrome" or "too modern" and then a couple of nights ago, we were sitting in the office and Conan noticed me staring at these sconces that had been in there since we moved in (and probably 90 years before that) and said, "You could always use those." I laughed at him and then the next day, what did I do? I took them down and put them in the bathroom. I love them. They're perfect. They make the whole room look better and they compliment the greenish color of the beadboard paint perfectly. Also, they were already in the house, so we didn't have to go out and buy anything. They need a little cleaning up (but not too much) and they need to actually be wired but then we're in business.

Now, what kind of shades....

: )


  1. Katie, truth be told, I was always pretty heavily inspired by your apartment style-wise so nuh-uh, YOU are mine.

  2. Jennifer, thanks! I mean, thanks on Conan's behalf. That's his baby.


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