Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shower Door

Let me just begin by saying Happy New Year little blog and little blog readers! What a year it has been. We've certainly paid more attention to the blog this year and the comments and interest we've received are worth their weight in gold so we consider it a worthwhile investment. We also began a bathroom remodel that is coming up on its TENTH MONTH! But we are steadily making progress and now that the tile is down and the tub is painted (squeeeeeeel!!!) things seem to moving along a whole lot quicker. For instance, the only thing really left for the tub is the feet, which Conan primed yesterday

So pretty! So smooth! Also note the bathroom light fixture that I worked so tirelessly on...in that bucket...in the basement. Hey, Judgy McJudgerson when you work that hard on something you don't want it anywhere even remotely close to a cat that breaks sconces or a dog that just unleashes nothing but adorable destruction everywhere he goes. Seriously. So in the bucket it stays. For now.

So, you say, how 'bout that shower door you mentioned about two (very lengthy) paragraphs ago?

Maggie's just as surprised as you are that we FINALLY finished all of the shower tiling, grouting, sealing and general what not and got around to putting a door on that most beautiful of showers.

Just a couple dozen simple steps! I kid, I kid. My parents actually got it done in about no time flat and my dad assured me that it went off "without a hitch" unlike most of the other aspects of this remodel.

So, you read your instructions, you drills some holes

You hang it up, you smear on some clear silicone caulking

Screw on the shiny knob/handle...
(the easiest part and thus the part that I showed up just in time to do : )

And guess what?
You got yourself a door!

I know, I know it's just a big piece of clear glass but when you've been showering in what amounts to a washing machine drip pan with a glorified hose over it for TEN MONTHS (seriously, did I mention the TEN MONTHS part) even the littlest things feel big. And being able to say that the shower is thisclose
to being done is a real accomplishment.
I love it.
I love, love, love, love, love it!

Up next?
Hire a team of mules to pull that clawfoot tub up the stairs.
Tomorrow we finish grouting the floor and seal it then it's paint time for Katherine (ceiling and second coat for walls) and then it's time for the tub to come on up. Wish us luck!


  1. Fingers crossed on the tub! It's really looking good :)

  2. Thanks! We can't wait to get it installed and get some pictures up here for everyone to see!

  3. Yaaaaay! Plumbing?

  4. I can't tell if that's a shower "plumbing?" or a tub "plumbing?" :) Either way, the shower already has all of the plumbing done, we're just waiting for the fixtures to get here (homedepot.com) and the tub plumbing is also there, we just need to put the supply lines in and oh yeah...the tub. First though, we gotta finish this dang grout!

  5. I know that you know this, but you have the best, most industrious parents ever. Lucky.


    1. Oh man, do we ever! We are forever in their debt and they are just the best examples EVER. Thank you for saying that! I'm going to show them this comment : )


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