Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buffet Blog Post: Screened Porch, Raspberry Plants & Dream Houses

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? Hopefully it was perfect! Ours was pretty close. I had to work all weekend but I did have yesterday off and so Conan and I were able to get some stuff done around the house and have a little fun as well.

What did we do? Let's have a look.

We took the wicker off the back porch, gave it a much needed wash and then...

we screened in the back porch!

Look at him go!
We used a reasonable amount of staples for the task at hand. Like normal people would.

We still have to put the outside pieces of trim up and a door but aside from all of that stuff it's basically done. I can already tell we're going to love it. We did this mostly so we could open the back doors and get a nice breeze through the house without having to worry about the pets running out. No air conditioning, remember?

Speaking of porch living, I started making these little puppies to put out there with my ever-growing collection of paper lanterns.

The tutorial is from Oh Happy Day.

I'm thinking of putting some in the tree in the backyard for our June 15th David Bazan show as well (Which just sold out! Eek! 17 days til' 50ish people descend on casa de Fugit.)

What else? What else?
Oh, my parents have been down South visiting family for the past week or so and my mom brought us back a raspberry bush from where I grew up in the beautiful hills of northeast Tennessee.

It may not look great now but just you wait.
If you're reading this Aunt Kathy, I miss you all and your embarrassing amount of wild raspberry bushes terribly!

Speaking of my mom, today is her birthday so, Happy Birthday mom you're awesome! Without you, we'd all be up a creek!

How did such a big baby come out of such a small woman, we'll never know.
Last but not least if you followed us on twitter (Which you should! Why don't you?) you might have seen my "Dream Home Pic Spam" yesterday evening. We went for a walk around the neighborhood just East of us (known as "College Hill") and we decided to share some shots of our most favorite houses over there.

This one has copper flashing. COPPER FLASHING, people! How cool is that?

This one is probably our most favorite. Embarassing fact: we have actually stalked this house so fervently that we know what kind of car the owner drives (an MG kind of like Conan's) and we can spot it around the 'hood.

This one is probably my favorite. It's taken a little convincing for Conan to get on board just because it looks to be in not so great shape on the outside. But man oh man, that garden.

Okay, back to non-instagram pictures.

Today's projects include, me putting up the bunting on the front porch

and dragging that thing out of the basement and taking a few pictures of it. Swear.

Shorty's just as intrigued as you guys are (well, he's probably a little more intrigued to be honest).


  1. Just wanted to say I love your blog. I'm in the process of fixing up my Aunt's old house that we moved into and your blog is a great inspiration, and it's always nice to see other people going through a similar experience. We just bought a few decorative hardware pieces for the kitchen that I think will turn out great. Anyways, just saying thanks, keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much! Good for you for taking on a fixer upper and best of luck with all of your diy'ing : )


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