Friday, May 25, 2012

This Old House Magazine: Our Living Room Edition

EDIT: If you want to read the teeny-tiny article, Conan scanned it and put it in the "As Featured" section down below.
Or, if you are on a strict, no scrolling diet, just click here.

Well folks, I was all set to get home from work and start snappin' pics of that "awesome thing" I found in the basement and mentioned the other day but then, to my surprise our dear reader Jenna mentioned that we were in This Old House magazine. What? Crazy, right?
I ran out and bought a copy (okay, I bought two) and took them straight to Conan at work so we could ooh and ahh over it.

There it is guys, the closest I'll ever get to meeting human teddy bear, Tom Silva.

I kind of alluded to the fact that we were going to be in the magazine waaaaay back in this post.

I never mentioned it though because we had no idea when we were going to be in the magazine and I just assumed (incorrectly) that they would give us a heads up before it came out. Nope.
But, whatever. It's just awesome and we're just as happy as can be.

Here are the AWESOME pictures Conan took for the magazine.

Fun fact, they had us remove just about everything (including our other couch) and then take a picture, put some things back, take another picture and so on.

We communicated with them via email and they would tell us what they liked and didn't about the picture. Like, "Move that chair a little to the left and center" and "move the couch away from the windows"

Compare that to what our living room normally looks like:

I'll have Conan scan the article tonight and we'll link it over in our "As Featured On" section in the sidebar if you want to take a look.


  1. very nice! your living room *is* quite beautiful.

    1. Thanks! It needs a good cleanin' before we have guests but it's not bad to look at : )

  2. NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!! Seriously, leave something for them to come fix, cause that would be SO AWESOME!!

    1. YES FREAKIN WAY! And I've tried, man. I have tried. I sent them several emails about our wierd vintage sink in the bathroom thinking that would be right up their alley. I even slipped that in the conversation with the magazine during one of our chats to no avail. Womp womp.

    2. I played it super cool too like, "Hey, if you see Tom or Norm in the break room could you ask them about our vintage sink?" She was probably like, "Yeeeaahhhhh...I'll do that."

    3. Come on lady @ TOH! You KNOW Richard would be all over that sink. Plus HE'S the human teddy bear. I can just picture him teasing Tommy and trying to hug him, and Tom's all "get off me punk", except he'd never say punk, but he'd say something very Boston.

      Send them the video of the sink!

    4. Hahahaha! Maybe you're right. Tom is very cuddly looking but I don't think he would let you actually cuddle him. It's just the Bah-ston talking though, deep down I'm sure he's jelly. I might consider trying again with the sink video, just for kicks. I mean, what's the worst that would happen? Smash cut to him seeing this conversation and his eyes getting bigger and BIGGER and...

  3. Awesome, congrats on the story, we'll look for you when our issue comes. We had a similar situation when we were on the DIY Network a few months ago. We assumed they would let us know when the show was going to air, but I got a call from a friend instead and he said "Um, I'm watching you on TV, and you are a fool."

    We enjoy your blog and projects quite a bit.

    1. Thanks! I guess it must be an industry standard or something? This was pretty crazy but I can't even imagine getting a call from someone saying, "Hey, you're on my TV!"

  4. Oh my gosh!! Want to know what's funny?! I *knew* that living room looked familiar when I did my quick flip-through-the-pictures run through when the magazine came, but didn't put two and two together! Have yet to read any of the articles. Running to get it now. Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame! :)


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