Monday, July 2, 2012

The Accidental Kitchen Remodel: A Look Back

Welp. That's it.
This morning before work Conan got up like a good little husband and took pictures of the kitchen in all of it's "as good as it's ever gonna' get" glory. But seriously, it looks great. I also emptied out my Ziplock bag of receipts and tallied up the cost. Let's just say it was more than I had hoped (I knew I shouldn't have bought that marble utensil holder!) but less than most kitchen remodels. Anywhoodle chicken noodles, I just thought I'd give you a little tasty-taste before Conan gets the real pics all prettied up. Hope you're all having a great week so far!

Let's take a look at the projects that got us here:

It all started when we tore down the old, falling apart, tiled ceiling.

Then we painted for what seemed like forever.

Then we asked y'all what you thought of tearing up the linoleum. The answer? A big YES!

We got to work. And after pulling about a million staples, scraping and sanding...

Scored an awesome vintage stove

And even made a shelf out of some reclaimed basement wood!

That brings us up to date pretty much. Hope you enjoyed reading about it! Thanks so much for all of your awesome input throughout the process!
 Can't wait to show you guys the before and after pics!


  1. I'm trying to work up the energy to tackle my kitchen (the 80s died in there). Do me a favor and post pictures so I can continue procrastinating, k?

    1. Haha! Always happy to help someone avoid doing something : ) We're working on the pics as we speak!


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