Thursday, March 8, 2012

TV Cabinet to Linen Cabinet

Sorry for the lengthy pauses in between posts folks. Work has just been kind of sdlfkjsf  for me lately and Conan is working and taking a full load of classes so our free time is spent doing only one of two things: working on the bathroom or sleeping. Sometimes we do both. At the same time. Case in point:
Remember last week when I was all, "Bathroom cabinet's primed and ready for paint!"? Well, I painted it. And then after one evening with it in the bathroom decided that I must have been dreaming if I thought those colors would work and promptly re-painted it the next day. What did it look like, you ask? This

The outside was this deep forest green and the inside was a really light blue which would normally be colors I like but when you put it in this bathroom with all of its neutrals and such, it just didn't work.

So after re-painting it the next afternoon, it looks like...

I still need to clean the glass and put stuff in it but all in all, I like these colors much more than the first. As soon as we get some pictures of the whole bathroom up you'll see what I mean. This color just goes. The other one? Not so much.

So if you're keeping track of our linen cabinet exploits, we've gone from kind of whatever TV cabinet from the DAV to nice, pretty linen cabinet.


Up next?
We've got a few projects lined up now that the bathroom is all but done. Which one do you guys think we should tackle next?

Build a privacy fence/gate across our driveway
Tear down what's left of the kitchen ceiling and install some super cool lighting in there
Paint the house (ugh)
Re-cord the living room windows so we can enjoy a nice breeze this summer
Paint/fix up the sunroom so that it doesn't look like a giant dumpster


  1. Wow! Amazing. It looks like it was always meant to be a linen cabinet. Good job, tired, busy peoples!

  2. Thanks Jenna! We're pretty happy with how it turned out, too! Now...we nap : )

  3. Love love love what you did with this. And the color is fabulous. Nice job!

  4. Thanks Alyssa! I'm glad to hear that someone else likes the color! I was a little worried about re-painting it at first : /

  5. You guys are amazing. You can come work on my house! I'm only a few blocks away :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Wichita represent!

  7. Katherine, your mind's eye is amazing! To visualize your cabinet from that thing you saw in the DAV, well, congratulations! Your finished cabinet is beautiful and so-o-o perfect (even if it had to undergo two coats of paint before you got there)!

  8. What is the brand and color of the paint. Love it

  9. Did you lift the crown and add a frieze, and a skirt to the bottom?

    1. We removed the crown completely on the top and added the little piece of half round, crown molding, and a flat piece of plywood on top in case we wanted to sit stuff on top.

      All we did to the bottom was remove the trim. The scrolled skirt was actually just underneath it and I liked it so we left it that way.

      You can see a little more of the process here:

  10. Hi nice job! If possible could you add a bit about the paint used and whether it stood up? Perhaps also what brushes or rollers you used. And finally a line about inserting the glass - love it! Thanks


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