Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bathroom Cabinet Progress

Hey there everybody! Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who stopped by and voted for us in The Homies and also give you a little update on bathroom related shenaniganry. (FYI: I had to sound out that last "word" as I typed it really slooowwwwly. It was hilarious. Just thought you might want to visualize that.)

Anywho. If you'll recall, I bought a TV cabinet at the DAV back in December

And that guy was all, "Hey, stop taking awful pictures with your cellphone! Your blog readers deserve better!"
And I was all, "Try and stop me! They love this stuff!"

Conan tore off the massive trim on top and removed all the super fancy TV parts inside and then my dad chopped six inches off the back so it would fit in the bathroom nicely. Then we put beadboard on the back.

Then we removed the middle of the doors on top using a SoniCrafter. We're going to be putting glass in those doors. Ooohhh Fancy!

And as of last night, I had primed this much of it

So if you hate scrolling back up to see the progress, we've gone from

Giant, faux-wood TV cabinet to manageable sized, doorless bathroom cabinet (almost). As you can see by the tinted primer, I'm going with a dark color on the outside. No, before you jump to conclusions, it's not black. I'm going to go finish priming the inside (which yes, I should have done last night but ohhhhh the arm pain!) and then start painting the outside. Eek! Exciting!

Pictures to come when we have a finished product on our hands.

Oh, and speaking of exciting...

Conan turned the big 3-1!
Yup, it's official. He's in his 30s!

We celebrated with some cake and some milk and some trick candles like any self-respecting adults would do. Oh, and if you're wondering, yes those are animals wearing party hats and if you're still wondering, yes that is a very large painting that Conan did in his BFA days of a man with what appears to be some serious face injuries. And yes, I'm totally planning to hang that in my dining room. That's just how we roll.


  1. What did your dad use to take six inches from the cabinet? I have a massive one that is really good for nothing and it's soooo wide! Great project!

    1. Well, if my memory serves me correctly, he used a few different things to take 6 inches off of the back of the cabinet (the depth). On the thinner parts of the cabinet, he used a jigsaw and on the thicker parts, he used a circular saw. He also had to shave a little off of the backs of the cabinet drawers so they would fit and that required some mitered joints.


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