Monday, April 20, 2020

Vintage Camper Remodel Update!

Hey guys! 

Had a minute before we got started working on our 1968 Play-Mor Model 140 vintage camper today so I thought I'd check in and give you some updates. 

If you saw our first video that I linked here last week, you know that we have already demolished the entire camper. Here's a peek at that process: 

Here's what the camper looked like on day 1: 

Then once the interior was removed, we took the walls and roof off (see that video here): 

And we were left with just the old rusty frame and rotten decking: 

After that, Conan pulled the old decking off (making meticulous notes of where everything would go back) and sanded, primed and painted the frame (here it is primed): 

That video is up on our YouTube (Trailer Trash to Treasure) if you want to check it out: 

Up next was rebuilding the old walls using the original studs as a frame to work off of: 

And that bring us to our most recent video:

Up next, the decking on the trailer frame gets rebuilt so that the walls can go back up and after that it's roof, wiring, insulation, skin. 

Easy peezy lol

So far it hasn't been too bad. The weather has held out for us most of the time (except for terrible allergies that we've all got - Simon included) and we're excited to start thinking of how the exterior is going to look and what the interior will be laid out like. 

We weren't really planning on making any changes to the interior layout - if it ain't broke - but we might have a couple of things that would make it a little more functional, we'll see. 

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Until next time, 
Keep Smiling! 

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