Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

 Just wanted to pop in to say 'Merry Christmas!' and give a little update on how our year ended up. 

The last time I blogged, we had *just* barely started working on that camper up here ^
and what do you know, 9 months later and we're still working on it ; ) 


it's basically pretty much almost done! 

Just a few finishing touches here and there so no big reveal yet but here's a before and after of the kitchen: 

BEFORE (obviously!)


Can you BELIEVE??

I'm so excited to finish this project up with all of the fun stuff like storage, accessories, and decor but for now, I'll just tell you to head over to our YouTube Trailer Trash to Treasure to watch the whole remodel process and while you're there, give us a LIKE & SUBSCRIBE - that's all we want for Christmas! 

Thanks for reading. See you in 2021! 

Keep Smiling

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