Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 Hey guys, welcome to 2021. Hope it's treating you well! 

This year is off to an exciting start because after ONE WHOLE YEAR (how?) we have finally completed our vintage camper remodel. 

For a little background - we bought this camper in 2019 for $600 with the plan to maybe turn it into a photo booth, maybe just a camper? Honestly we didn't think that we would even have time to touch it in 2020 because we were so busy with our photo booth business - Lamphouse Photo Co. 


With all events and weddings canceled in March 2020 we started work on our 1968 Play Mor 140. 


We documented the entire process on our YouTube channel: 

Trailer Trash to Treasure 

Which, (woo-hoo) just passed 1k subscribers! 

We worked on the camper every week and finished it almost exactly a year from when we started. 

Here's the before tour: 

First the exterior. Oof.

Poor guy had been given the rattle can mossy oak treatment and it was doing his cute shape NO favors. 

Next up, the "kitchen"


What's there to say, it was basically gone. Disintegrated. Like the little scalloped edge on the cabinet though so style points for that I guess. 

Here's the dinette that would fold down into a bed:

The other ~bed~

Would you sleep there? 

So we got to work with the help of my dad, Dave and mom, Connie and demolished the interior first:

We then took it down to the frame, rebuilt the walls, ceiling, stripped the skin and repainted the exterior and ta-da, here's the final product: 

The kitchen after: 

I think the kitchen might be my favorite part of the camper. 

We installed a new faucet, built upper and lower cabinets, added a water pump and water system and new hardware of course. 

Next up, the front "dinette"

We ended up opting for storage and turned the dinette into a permanent couch/bed. 

We're tent campers and we usually eat outside on a picnic table so we didn't think we would spend the time to convert it back and forth every day from a dinette to a bed. 

And finally, the bedroom:

Did I say the kitchen was my favorite? Maybe this is? Idk, I love it all.

Simon is a big fan of the big, fluffy bed:

The bed converts back into a couch area during the day to add a tiny amount of floor space, access to under the bed storage, and a nice seating area for meals or relaxing.

If you want to see how we rebuilt, repainted, re-everything'd this whole camper from the very beginning please head over to our YouTube channel Trailer Trash to Treasure and click the 'Start From the Beginning Playlist' 

We have another awesome project starting in a few weeks so hit that subscribe button and follow along on our next adventure! 

Until then, 

Keep Smiling!

Hardware (pulls & knobs)


  1. What kind of door did you use to replace old one? I just bought an old camper and need a new door. Love your remodel

    1. Looks like the same door actually........looks like a very cool, vintage louvered door. Would have been tricky to replace I imagine........:)

  2. Very nice! We have a Play Mor camper too! So much fun!

  3. Inspired! You truly had vision to see through those mossy oaks. So well done!

  4. How do you tackle outside-the metal, making watertight, rust? We had one but sold it because we were not welders

  5. By chance did you get this camper in Louisiana? Near Toledo Bend?


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